The usage of this website and the order’s registration via it are considered as an agreement with the listed terms. DoraWings reserves the right to change the terms without prior notice as the changed terms are published in the web site. "Dora Wings" (TM) is registered in Ukraine, the right to use belongs to PP Yevtushenko, the address of the cities of Dnipro, Kvitneva 19/1, 49066, Ukraine. 

І. General terms

Dora Wings is a website for electronic trade-selling and delivery of the ordered goods on behalf of Dora Wings


DoraWings via “” has the right to change the costs under its own decision without prior notice;


The user is obliged to pay the price that has been actual during the time he ordered the item. The notice for the discount of the goods appears after placing the new cost below the old one while the last one is crossed out;


When there is a lack of stock of an ordered item DoraWings Balkans Ltd. via “” notifies the Customer about it by sending a notice to the specified from the Customer e-mail or telephone number within one working day after receiving the order;


In case of inaccurate or wrong address provided, contact person and/or telephone number when submitting the order, Dora Wings “” is not bound by any obligation for accomplishing the order;


The contract with the customer is considered concluded after accepting from Dora Wings. via “Dora” the order request is filled right from the customer during the process of ordering;


  • Dora Wings via “” is obliged after receiving the request from the Customer to deliver him the wanted goods or to inform the Customer for other circumstances about the request. Dora Wings. is not responsible if the Customer has provided inaccurate and/or incomplete data in an order on "”;
  • Dora Wings. is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information published on the website. Corrections on the prices are possible and a change of the design of goods;
  • The published on the website information about the sizes and weights must be interpreted as indicative. Dora Wings assumes the availability of discrepanciesbetween the published and the actual sizes and weights, for what it is not responsible;


All product prices are in EUR  without handling and shipping charges.


The handling and shipping charges are announced in the product page or in the shopping basket upon order’s finalization. 




II. Obligations of the parties:

1. Dora Wings. is obliged to:


  • confirm the availability of the ordered goods or cancel the purchase within 3 working days;
  • deliver the goods within the term specified in the delivery information and payment of goods;
  • During seasonal sales it is possible the delivery term to be extended but not more than 1 working week;
  • check for roadworthiness before sending any goods (if this is possible without damaging the packing);
  • guarantee that all items are factory new (unused!), except when the opposite is expressly named in representation of the goods in the website;


2. The Customer is obliged to:


  • write his three names, accurate and valid telephone number, address for delivery and e-mail (in case he/she is a private person);
  • write full company name, valid telephone number, address for delivery and e-mail (in case it is a Company);
  • pay the order price according to the conditions described in the delivery information and payment for goods;
  • pay the handling and shipping fees, according to the conditions described in the delivery information and payment for goods;
  • to pay related customs clearance costs and local taxes, if such are applicable upon delivery;
  • to ensure access and possibility for receiving the goods;


The declared goods are delivered on the address indicated by the Client during the specified term in the information for delivery and payment for goods.


The order is delivered properly packed according to the kind and the delivery transport. When receiving the items the Customer or third party signs the documents with it.

III. Warranty

Dora Wings is selling only products, which are supposed to be free of defects, unless indicated differently or may reasonably be expected differently.


In case that the supplied goods do not meet the client's request (ordered nomenclature) or they have manufacturing defects, the Customer has the right to state a claim. This could be done, by sending us the fulfilled Claim application blank on email:, together with a scanned copy of the invoice/payment check and pictures (if applicable), illustrating the claimed discrepancy or defect. If throughout 3 working days after that act, there is no written notice from us confirming the registration of your claim and its registration number, please contactDora Wings on the e-mail and required it.


In those cases, when upon delivery, the Customer has found the packaging of the goods to be damaged or torn due to improper transportation; the claim must be laid only in the presence of the courier/shipping operator. It is necessary to contact us immediately on  e-mail, and to refuse acceptance of the goods, putting remarks into related Bill of lading.


Within 14 calendar days from the date of registration of the claim, Dora Wings will consider it and will notify the Customer in writing about its decision, together with related reasons and grounds. If the claim is accepted, we shall propose to the Customer the following ways of resolving the issue:


  • Replacement of the wrong delivered goods with those, specified in written in its order;
  • Replacement of the defect products with the new ones;
  • Replacement of the defect parts /components/ items;
  • Partial compensation in form of an additional discount from the price of the defective product, accepted by both Parties;


Full compensation of the purchase cost (invoice amount) in case that:


The claim is registered within two years from the date of purchase, but not later than two months from the establishment of the defect or non-compliance;


All conditions of the web-store and related applicable National and International laws and regulations are met;


Costs associated with exchange of goods other than the invoiced ones (kit prices plus shipping and handling fees), such as bank commissions or other expenses (import, export duties), shall be on Customer’s expense.


*All transportation costs, connected with the products exchange, shall be at the expense of Dora Wings In that case, the shipments have to be made only by appointed by us courier/post operator. Usage of random chosen courier by the Customer is not accepted.


The warranty is voided in case of:


Absence of evidence of ownership/purchase of the goods (subject of the claim) from Dora Wings;


Claim registration from 3rd party, which is not an Owner, neither Buyer of the products;


The products, subject to claim, are used, have damaged packing, or are completely scrapped;


Proven improper usage of the goods;


Appearance of the defects due to improper treatment of the products with substances not listed in their manuals/instructions;


Occurrence of defects due to improper storage - prolonged storage under direct sunlight, exposure to sources of artificial light, exposure to heat and/or cooling, storage in humidity above 70% and outside temperature +35°C / +5°C;


Appearance of the defects, after the goods delivery and their acceptance by the Customer (after the transfer of Ownership);


Client’s refusal to return all products, subject of the claim;


Claim’s statement, made later than 2 months after the defects/non-compliances are found;


Claim’s statement, made later than 2 years after the date of purchase.


IV. Additional terms:

1.Dora Wings is not liable for damage of the goods due to force majeure.