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The MB. 152 was "the first true aircraft" of the series (MB.150-157).This model was equipped wtth a more powerful 1,030 hp Gnome-Rhdne 14N-21 engine, capable of a speed of 520 km/h and equipped with a revised armament arrangement On 15 December 1938, the MB.152.01 prototype performed its maiden flight. During January 1939, it was refitted with a more production-representative 1,000 hp Gnome-Rhone 14N-25 engine; various alternative engine cowlings and propellers were also tested to address engine overheating. To prevent further delays to the production aircraft, a large cowling was adopted, which Increased drag and reduced the MB. 152's flight performance. 482 units built.

In memory of our friend Joel Ducasse - 1957-2019. 

The model was created according to the original drawings developed by Joel Ducasse in collaboration with BiUault Sosthene Waroff

Length 189 mm
Number of parts 113
Photoetched parts 15
Wingspan 219 mm

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