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The Bellanca J-300 was a high wing cabin monoplane used for several trans-atlantic attempts, including a successful 1934 crossing by the Adamowicz brothers.

Brothers Benjamin Adamowicz (born in Krajsk, Russian Empire, 1898; died June 1979, New York), and Joseph Adamowicz (born in Jankowszczyzna, Russian Empire, 1893; died November 1970, New York), born Bolesław and Józef Adamowicz, were American businessmen of Polish descent and amateur aviators, who were known for their transatlantic flight in 1934.

 By that time, more pilots had managed to fly across the Atlantic, but it was still a very risky trip, even for professional pilots. The Adamowicz brothers may have been the first amateur pilots in the world to make a transatlantic flight.

Length 164 mm
Number of parts 112
Photoetched parts 21
Wingspan 136 mm

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